Who am I
Hi, I am AADIL HASAN, your friendly neighbourhood software engineer. I the web. I like to build products and like to reverse engineer the products build by others.
Who am <i>?

My Projects

  • ProTab - A highly customizable productivity extension for chrome

    A beautifully designed, fully customizable productivity extension for chrome. A user can add a widget, drag it around and position it to his/her linking. It is the best chrome extension for productivity.

  • React Async Popup

    An accessible promise based popup library for React, which helps to reduce extra state management required for Popups It is inspired by the browser’s native ​window.confirm​ method.

  • React Touch Keyboard​​

    It is a react virtual keyboard for touch devices (i.e windows touch screen laptops). It can be used with native input/text-area elements, without touching the existing code, it triggers native events.

  • React Date/Range Picker​

    It is a react js based date picker which also supports range selection, unlike other range pickers it uses a single calendar to select the range.

  • Mini.JS Javascript framework

    It is a Javascript framework, I created it after reading source code of different-different JS frameworks, I created it just to learn advanced concepts of JS and to learn the working of JS frameworks. It is highly inspired by Vue.JS

Mail me at - aadil.hasan07@gmail.com , or ping me on my social media accounts.